Brenton Hill Frail Care Facility, South Africa

About Brenton Hill Care Home

We understand that the decision to move into a care home can be very difficult for everyone concerned and we will try to help you with the complex choices that you will be making. Brenton Hill Care Home provides residential care within a homely environment for those in need of a high end frail care facility. Providing good home cooking, from fresh ingredients, is a priority and meals can be enjoyed in our beautiful dining room or on the stoep when the weather is good. During the afternoons many activities are organised, which we hope will satisfy the variety of interests that people have.

We like to work closely with the relatives of those in our care, always being prepared to listen to their concerns and suggestions. Protection of vulnerable adults is one of our highest priorities and this is viewed as part of our 'duty of care' and not just a 'human right'.

However frail and vulnerable they may be, our residents have led full and fascinating lives, often with successful careers and professions. Many will also have lived according to strong ethics and principles, and we respect these values. Before admission, we ask for a detailed biography on which we base a dedicated and unique care plan. This helps determine practical needs as well as the activities and interests we provide.

Arrange A Visit And See Our Outstanding Frail Care Facility For Yourself

If a loved one is in need and you are considering residential care and support, and for friendly, helpful advice, contact Brenton Hill Care Home. We would be delighted to hear from you and would welcome the chance to show you how we provide help, support and treatment to all of our residents no matter what stage their condition is at.

We would be happy to show you around our beautiful house and grounds as well as introducing you to the team and taking you through our programme of activities.

Brenton Hill Care Home

The Team

The caring staff we employ are professionally trained to provide the support and attention needed by our Alzheimer's residents while helping them maintain their dignity and sense of identity.

Residents are encouraged to carry out their independent daily activities as much as they are able, but where needed, our friendly staff will sensitively assist them to prepare for each day and night, to take regular nourishment and to keep themselves clean and tidy.

Of course, they will also ensure all medication, treatment and therapies prescribed are strictly adhered to.